Sound Equipment

Multi Track Recorder

Sound Devices 664

12 input multi track recorder - records broadcast WAV files with extensive metadata on CF and SD cards.  Timecode capabilities.  Fantastic, reliable portable recorder.

Boom Microphones

Sennheiser MKH 60, MKH 40 & MKH 416

A selection of microphones I've recorded sound with for quite a number of years.  My preference is the 416 with a Rycote windshield on exteriors and the MKH 60 / 40 on interiors.

Radio Microphones (4)


Having used other brands, I've settled on Lectrosonics.  They're reliable, have excellent range and sound great paired with Sanken Cos 11 lapel mics.


Sennheiser G2

The G2 are real workhorses.  Ideal for directors and clients to listen to production sound.  The receivers can also be connected to cameras for a Guide track and on set playback.

Time Code Boxes (3)

Tentacle Time Code Boxes

These small little TC boxes are great to attach to cameras and keep accurate Timecode throughout the day.  One charge will easily last a couple of days so no need to keep changing batteries.

Digi Slate

Time Code Slate

Smart slates are great to have for redundancy purposes as well as assisting post production.   A slate has other benefits, such as keeping crew and others focused (quiet!) during a take.